Parvati - 25 yo
masseuse for an erotic massage

Masseuse Parvati is available today.

My name is% name, I am% age and I will be happy to welcome you in an erotic massage salon, where I will fulfill your secret dreams with erotic massages, exclusive Tantra massages, and Nuru massages (body to body massage). Call or come to the salon and if you prefer your privacy and comfort, I will come to your house or hotel. I look forward to.

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Cze, Eng

Do you want a sexy erotic massage with sexy masseuse Parvati - 25 yo?

Do you want to experience an erotic massage with a beautiful masseuse Parvati - 25 in an erotic salon near the center of Prague? Then it is best to visit us directly from 7 pm, or contact us by phone and write to us about the date and your requirements. We will be happy to answer your questions.

Discreet transport by our car free of charge

Transport to us and back by our car up to 15 km around Prague is free. For more information and conditions of free transport or longer routes by our car, call from 8 pm Entrance fee to the exclusive erotic salon for erotic massages and the use of other services according to the price list.

Escort massages

Do you prefer your privacy and comfort at home or at the hotel? Enjoy an escort masseuse with the experience of erotic massage at the hotel or in the place according to you. Escort erotic massages are possible in Prague and outside Prague. Call and communicate your ideas, booking date, and location.

Price list of the establishment where you will meet Parvati - 25 yo

Come for an erotic massage with masseuse Parvati in our salon. Admission to the salon includes transport by our car and 1 free drink. Detailed information about free transport by our car and services can be found in the price list section.

Price list  

Other masseuses

Didn't masseuse Parvati interest you? Heads up, many beautiful erotic masseuses (brunettes, blondes, brunettes, redheads) come to our erotic massage salon near the center of Prague every day, who are always looking forward to meeting you and beautiful moments of Erotic massages, Tantra massages, and Nuru massages.


We present to you a photo gallery of the interior of our erotic massage salon, in which you will find purity, discretion, a great environment, and beautiful masseuses with whom you can experience your secret fantasies with erotic massage.

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